SharedBook, Inc.

SharedBook enables companies, institutions, educators and consumers to dynamically produce personalized and customized books and documents with its patented publishing and compilation platform. SharedBook's browser-enabled technology is used by:

  • major publishers to create personalized editions of new and classic books
  • online content providers to deliver added value and new revenue by repurposing existing assets into books
  • consumers to save, edit, and publish works from blogs and documents
  • government and public policy groups to provide open review and debate on documents and to retain a subsequent permanent record of such discussion
  • educators to create custom books from an unmatched breadth of content sources, complete with real-time copyright clearances

Our core application was brought to market in late 2005. Due to the extraordinary flexibility of the core application, our business encompasses three related yet distinct product lines.


SharedBook specializes in integrating and publishing data from a variety of sources through its own proprietary creation tools.

Personalized Books

Our trade publishing partners use SharedBook to provide consumers with the opportunity to make their favorite books even more special through the addition of personalized pages.

Customized Books

SharedBook's customization capabilities allow users to select from chunks of content to create their own books.

Custom Textbooks adapts the SharedBook platform for the purpose of enabling educators and institutions to create course materials quickly, easily, and with greater access to content than previously possible, all in just minutes.

Online and Digital Content

SharedBook's Reverse Publishing capability allows users to select the Web content they would like to keep in permanent form. As an example, see Blog2Print, SharedBook's blog printing platform.

Core to SharedBook's technology platform is the ability to integrate complex structured data from various Web and intranet sources into a shared space, where it can be published in various forms; both online and offline.